Terrifying & Exhilarating!

9 Jun


I (Mary) had the great pleasure of hearing Rev. David Loleng, from the Evangelism and Church Growth division of PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA) who came to San Joaquin’s Presbytery in the Park Mission event today in Visalia. He inspired many thoughts – among them the image of ministry with fellow believers as terrifying and exhilarating.

Following Jesus is like riding a roller coaster (actually Space Mountain sends me into a panic attack!!). You know the feeling of the dips and sharp turns where your stomach feels like it has leapt out of your body? But as you come out of the turn the exhilaration that you made it! Then as you climb the hill, preparing for the next fast circuit – how your body begins to brace for the next descent? That’s what following Jesus is like!

There are moments of holy terror. What have I signed up for? God, you’re asking me to do WHAT? And as a pastor, at times you question, “Am I listening to God strongly enough?” “Who are you to lead God’s people?

But then there are the times when God begins to move and you are on a fast moving ride holding onto the coattails of the Holy Spirit! It is joyful and exhilarating to participate in God’s mission here on earth! And there is nothing quite like seeing God move in the lives of people and I am amazed to be a part of it!


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