Wow! We still have THAT…?

2 Jun
It’s all KATHY’S fault!
I’m serious. It really is Kathy’s fault!

She has been doing such an excellent job with a BLOG for our high school class of the last century, that she has me out in my garage looking for all kinds of things about which to write. For my troubles, I even found my Dual 701 direct drive turntable, which I thought was long gone! That being said, let’s back up a bit.

Two weeks ago, I told Beauty, “Enough is enough! We’re going to clean every inch of this house. Everything has a place, and we’re going to help each ‘thing’ find its place!” As she is the neat freak who even cleans her cleaning, she looked at me with that loving gaze that tenderly says, “I’ll believe this pile of phooey when I see it!”

[I’m serious! It’s Kathy’s fault!]

Beauty is sitting at her desk working on tomorow’s sermon. Every time she looks up, I’m bringing in another load of ‘treasures’ from the garage into our Manse office. She doesn’t say a word, but her expression cheerfully says, ‘I am not carrying even one thing back!’

Now, I admit that a couple of items could have stayed in the garage. I mean, who knew that the two small, carefully wrapped ‘somethings’ that looked very valuable were two sets of my late father’s false teeth?

Found it at last…!
And, after all, how much could I bring in on only 15 or 20 trips carrying an armful? What’s important, ‘though, is that the one particular photo album that I first went out to find, I finally located, and brought in on the finishing foray. Persistence pays off!

“Hey, Beauty, when you finish your sermon, can you help me find some place to put all this stuff?”


3 Responses to “Wow! We still have THAT…?”

  1. Raine 'n Blessings June 2, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    So at breakfast on Friday, Steve says, “I think the obvious place to start cleaning up the house is the laundry room – getting the tools and cleaning supplies all organized.” So, silly me, I actually go INTO the laundry room and begin to actually put things away! I was somewhat confused when he didn’t leap right up and tackle the toolbox but I thought. Ok, give him time! But today, Steve goes into the…- not laundry room – but the garage looking for a couple of pictures to share with High School classmates on Facebook. Some 6 hours later there are all SORTS of piles of “treasures” he found in the garage – a figurine of Warren Spahn, and 2 sets – not one but 2 – sets of his late father’s FALSE TEETH! Geesh!

  2. Katherine Crosier June 2, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    Thanks for the shout-out! Looking forward to getting some great material from you!


  1. Raine ‘N Blessings « Burbank High Class of 1968 - June 4, 2012

    […] Steve’s next post was about how I sent him on a treasure hunt to the garage to dig up old photos, and in the process, found two sets of his late father’s false teeth! Thanks so much for looking, Steve, because these pictures are just priceless! His latest post has some great photos of their wedding, which took place in her parents’ backyard. […]

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