How we met–Part 1

1 Jun
A friend asked me, for a high school website, how I met my wife. Hmmm…

1969 was not much of a year. No plans, no dreams; just Driftin’. College was something to break the boredom, occasionally. Working part-time. After much thought and internal debate, I finally made a decision. Time was passing with not much to show for it, and there was no reason to think that pattern would change any time soon. I decided to enlist in the Air Force. I really didn’t want to, but it seemed wise to invest a few years in something that would ultimately be of benefit.

When I shared my decision with Steve Irey, he stunned me. He committed to a delayed Air Force enlistment five or six months earlier. He didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to influence my enlistment considerations. How great of a friend is that!

During basic training in San Antonio, I ran into Norm Sabin and Charlie Stringer. That was a welcome ‘touch of home’. After basic, the next stop was Lowry AFB, in Aurora, adjacent to Denver. I completed the ten-week electronics ‘starter course’, and got orders to be trained in something called Fire Control. Translate that as an electronic technician on B-52 radar gunnery. While waiting for this new training to begin, I went home on a two-week leave. June 2, 1970.

My first full day home, I went to Security First National Bank (before Security-Pacific) at Olive and the Mall, to see Cindy Marshall. While we chatted at the Statements counter, I suddenly caught motion out of the corner of my eye. A whirlwind of energy fairly flew by! There was a huge, “HI!” accompanied by an exaggerated hand wave that looked like a tennis serve.

What I remember most is looking up to see the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life.

“What was that???” I asked Cindy, retaining almost half of my ‘cool’.
“Oh, that’s Mary.”

For those of you who know Cindy, you would have recognized vintage Marshall when she asked—grinning–after two quick beats, “Want me to fix you up?”

The next afternoon was Burbank First Presbyterian’s Campus Club end-of-year picnic at Brace Park. With me driving, Cindy next to me, and Mary by the door, we arrived for the festivities. I went to play softball, hoping Mary would come watch. She was a no-show. When I went back up the hill, I found Cindy chatting with everybody, like usual, but no Mary anywhere in sight. The last place I could think of to look for her was back at the car. I found her curled up in the passenger seat, fast asleep. Without disturbing her, I walked back to the picnic, shaking my head and mumbling to myself, “Oh, this is so not going to happen.”

Stay tuned.
Part 2 coming.


2 Responses to “How we met–Part 1”

  1. Jenny Greene June 3, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Can’t wait to read the next part(s)!


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    […] in central California (Coalinga, CA), have a great blog called Raine ‘N Blessings.  If you click here, you’ll find the post about how he first saw Mary at the bank and was struck by her energy. […]

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