30 May

“Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Esteem her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you. She will set a garland of grace on your head and present you with a crown of splendor.” (Proverbs 4:7-9)

SPR: One of the main purposes of Proverbs was to educate and prepare the ‘entitled’ for leadership. In our day and age, to internalize its contents is a worthy pursuit for anyone and everyone. There is more than a little urgency in verse seven–‘get wisdom and understanding at all costs!’ No matter what the price tag, wisdom is cheap at any cost. The references to “a garland of grace” and “a crown of splendor” bring thoughts of the future classic Greek Olympic games (‘future’ compared to the date of the authorship of Proverbs!) Attaining wisdom is literally a win-win situation. A person not only benefits from possessing knowledge and understanding, but also achieves respect and honor for its acquisition.

Holy Spirit, please empower us with a passion and hunger for your wisdom. May we seek you, and in so doing, gain the wonder of understanding you have for us. May any wisdom we attain serve to be a blessing to others. Amen.

A friend from our Men’s Bible Study saw me at the Horned Toad Derby Parade last Friday, and emailed me to say he almost didn’t recognize me (he travels frequently, and hasn’t been able to attend for a number of weeks.) And several times, Beauty has been asked if I’m alright. Yep! Feeling A-OK. As of this morning, I’m one pound from my target weight, which means I’m 6-9 pounds above my high school weight. That’s pretty good!

I’ve been asked ‘umpteen’ times about my brilliant strategy. It’s more simplicity than brilliance.

1. First thing every morning, I weigh myself, and record my weight. A secondary purpose is that this habit serves as a day-long reminder that I’m getting on the scale first thing ‘tomorrow’! I track my weight in an Excel spreadsheet, with a graphed goal of losing 1/2 pound a day. That won’t happen unless I’m being active. I don’t get upset by weight fluctuations, nor missing my goal. (When I traveled around training TSA folks at airports, I had no problem keeping this goal. This time, I fell behind and never caught up. Who cares? I was still losing, just not as rapidly. BUT I kept my original daily goal!) I just keep remembering tomorrow is another day. If my weight went the ‘wrong direction’, it’s motivation to ‘scale back’ the eating a little that day, or spend a little more time walking, biking or exercising.

2. Eat smaller meals, but more meals. I suggest smaller portions, and no seconds. Lots of healthy snacks, and lots of water. We love Costco “Propel Zero”. And, personally, I often drink gallons (or so it seems) of decaf coffee.

3. I have practically no bread, no dessert, no sodas, nothing alcoholic, no starch. This is not a ‘religious’ practice. I don’t plan on going to hell because I ate a piece of pie at Men’s Group. I enjoy lots of yogurt (max. 80 calories), often with fruit or cereal.

4. Use Arithmetic! I believe we use 2,000 or 2,200 calories per day if we’re doing absolutely nothing. So, if my ‘intake’ is less than that, I should be burning ‘reserve / stored’ calories and losing weight.

5. I don’t waste time, nor stress about, counting calories. I try to eat foods I know are good for me. However, I DEFINITELY DO look at calorie quantities on restaurant menus…! At Chili’s not too long ago, Beauty ordered an innocent little four-mini-burger lunch. Turns out it had more calories than any other entry they had! (per the waitress.)

**** 6. ALRIGHT…! This is the BIG ONE…! To me, the key factor is Passion, Desire, Motivation, Commitment, Fortitude, Stubbornness…! Whatever you want to call it! You won’t stick with anything unless you really, really, really want to lose weight. Personally, using the expression “losing weight” already signifies a lost cause! Instead, try: “I WILL get into size xyz slacks”; “I WILL wear that levi miniskirt, and look good doing it”; “I WILL wear that favorite blouse in three months!” It has to be something ‘measurable’ so you can track your progress, and it MUST be something important to YOU, not to someone else.

7. After you have reached your goal, DO NOT STOP. Maintain your routines that have proven successful. Don’t be afraid to tweak here, or modify there, to see if a change may work better to help you maintain your acceptable-to-you weight range.

Hope This Helps…
you reach your goals! I’d love to hear back from you sometime in the future if these suggestions are beneficial.


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