NEEDED: a Calendar Colander

15 May

It is not a good feeling when, in the midst of this highly-technological time, one is faced with technological ineptitude.

Beauty & I were at a meeting several weeks ago.  When the need arose to change our subsequent meeting time, we pulled out our Androids with the speed of two western gun slingers.  As possible new dates and times were fired back and forth across the conference room, we checked our phone calendars for new ammunition. Finally, when the dust kicked up by errant shots had cleared, we had all agreed on our next rendezvous.

All was well and wonderful: technology had served us admirably…

until this past weekend, when we realized we had double-booked for that next meeting time.  Now, the solution was a simple one: two meetings, two people. Easy enough to wrangle a resolution.

My concern was to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  So I have been auditioning several of the most popular phone calendars.

It has come to my attention that things might be a mite out of control.  I now have calendar alarms beeping, clicking, squealing, galumphing, singing and/or dancing gleefully to warn me that I am about to receive additional alarms from my additional calendars.

And then it happened–a poem burst forth:

It was upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Many a quaint and curious calendar; oh, a tedious chore.
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
But no, ’twas not a gentle rapping, more nails-like on a blackboard door.
“Who’s the villainous cur?” I muttered, “screeching at my door–
Only this, and nothing more.”

But, oh, so wrong, as wrong as could be; woke me, ‘tho still weak and weary,
Many the calendars all that beeped me, driving me to the floor.
While I faltered, alarm tones altered, not a one was ever haltered!
Fingers deep within my ears, yet no escape from the endless roar.
“Oh, forsooth, Come Save!” I muttered, trembling on my floor!
Caterwauling just beeeeeped me more!

It’s to the Calendar Raven I owe it–all the dark despair, he stowed it.
Quiet the peace, at last, I’d longed for, feeling I’d been to war.
No phones singing; ears still ringing, fingers now unclenched and stinging.
Spoke the Raven, strong and clear: “I’m no Poe-it, or writer of lore,
But hear these words,” the Raven uttered, “That phone goes in a drawer!
It shall ring now ‘Nevermore!'”

do I want to mess with all these calendars. Using my new ‘calendar colander’, it let all the less-desired calendars slip through the holes and down the drain.

The last calendar standing?
Business Calendar, with Jorte Calendar a close second.

So, when do you want to invite Beauty & I to dinner?

Not only will we lend you our colander, we might even be early.

But time will tell if we come on the right day!


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