GOD and Google

12 May

The paths recently taken while working on this new BLOG have been several.  One of those journeys was into the jaws of the Google Monster.  It’s interesting what all you need to do in order to get your website or BLOG readily found by robots, Web Wanderers, Web Crawlers, spiders, Web Ants and search engines. Ultimately, what they collect is displayed on our computers. Google is one of the “beings” with whom you want to play nice, in the hope “it” will do the same with you.

For some time, Microsoft was most often the “Control King” that caused my blood to boil, my fists to clench, and Beauty to bellow, “Batten down the Hatches! Thar he blows!”

Suffice it to say, I do not appreciate the way the “MegaHard” company thinks for me, and makes changes to my documents that I do not want, and then need to fix their “fix”.

That is, until now.

While in the belly of the Google Monster, I foraged through information forests the Monster has swallowed whole. I happened upon something called “Your Web History”.  To my chagrin (yes, I took out the word I really wanted to use there), they have a record of every website I’ve ever visited, going back to when Ben Franklin flew his kite and powered the first ‘cornputer’. Thankfully, my panic was short-lived, as I knew I hadn’t visited any “bad” sites… recently.

Have you read that Internet information providers–unlike what you might expect–are not in the “information distributing business”, but rather in the “advertising selling business”?  If I am any example, they have collected one heck of a lot of data.  Perhaps I should be pleased to discover how wonderfully I am unwittingly providing them with fiscal fodder.

Occasionally, one piece of information to which some people seem to believe they are privy is the date of the ‘end of the world’.  Thus, they even claim to have a leg up on Jesus, who said that he didn’t know when it was coming: “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Mark 13:32; Matt. 24:36)

Not only is God, the Father, the only one who knows that ultimate Trivia answer, but the Father also knows a lot more about you than even Google.  Translate that as God knows everything about you, without exception. Yep: the good stuff, the bad stuff; the joyful stuff and the heart-breaking stuff; the proud stuff, and all the embarrassing stuff–even the ‘I would just die if anybody ever found out about this’ stuff.

The good news is that God has no intention of selling it to the highest bidder.  It’s all between you and your Father.  And he’s going to keep it that way, because he loves you, and wants to keep all your private stuff private in the special relationship between the two of you.

Even that one time.  Do you remember it? C’mon, you know what I mean!  You know exactly which time I’m talking about, don’t you!

Well, God still remembers it like it just happened two seconds ago, because he was right there with you.  He still experiences the same deep emotions the two of you shared then.  You can see it in his eyes.

Oh, and by the way, you will never need to ‘Google’ “God”.  You will never need to use  Google Maps, or Google Earth, or the Google Locator, or the Google Time Machine, to find God.

He’s already here.


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