LIFETREE CAFE — Grand Opening Tonight!

10 May

First Presbyterian Church of Coalinga will open its LIFETREE CAFE.  
This once-a-week fellowship time is open to everyone. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. The Cafe features a discussion on a timely issue, plenty of free fair-trade coffee, iced tea and delicious munchies.

The discussions will demonstrate the Presbyterian tradition of not being afraid of taking an honest look at a topic or concern–from very serious to more light-hearted.

This evening we look at “Following Your Dreams”, even when they appear to fall apart before your eyes.

I (Mary) am eager to offer our community this opportunity to gather together in an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance.  While some of our topic titles may appear to be judgmental, nothing could be further from the truth.  Our intent is to reach out across Coalinga and bring people together in new relationships of deeper understanding.  We desire to be bridge-builders across barriers that can too often separate people.

The First Pres Coalinga Family hopes LIFETREE CAFE will be a loving and wonderful  witness to Jesus Christ!

Come check us out!  The coffee’s on me!


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