CHANGE: in ourselves, in our churches

7 May
I (Steve) was just blessed by an article in CNN. A comment in the story brings back to the forefront of our thoughts and pastoral efforts an important–albeit not new–lesson. Forest Thompson said, “It always takes something greater than ourselves to make us change.” Amend that to “someone”.

We are additionally drawn back to the reminder that we are called to meet Jesus in ministry at the corner of “Real Life Drive” and “Everyone Avenue”. Too often, however, we recollect Jesus sending out his Disciples, and then waiting for them to return and report to him their experiences. Too frequently, that is our view of “reaching out” and “going out”. We feel sent out to fend for ourselves in Christ’s Name. The truth is that Jesus is calling us to join him in ministry and loving service to others out and about in our world.

Jesus is definitely waiting for us, but it’s not “back at home”. He is waiting for us out where the action is! Waiting for us out where we are called to go.

The touching story of Forest & Tremica Thompson’s family’s life with son, Charles Daniel, is shared here:


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